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If you are experiencing trouble with you may contact us any time by email at . We also have 24x7 toll free technical assistance available at 1-866-440-0450 if you are having an urgent issue.  

Common Questions

Im getting disconnected often, why and what can I do?

Im connecting slow, what can I do to speed it up?

How do I disconnect from the internet?

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Click here to find a access number in your area

Before you call though, if you are using windows, and have not installed the software, you can download it by clicking here . Once you click on this link it will ask you if you want to save or open it, choose open. You will then be prompted to select a phone number, and afterwards type in your username / password. Once completed this software will place a icon on your desktop that you can use to dial-up to the internet.

The software also keeps an up to date list of numbers in it, If the number you choose is invalid or having trouble you can always choose a new number by launching the software, via the icon on your desktop, then pushing select on the dialer, it will then prompt you to select a new number, press ok and then you can dial-up using that new number. Quick Links:

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    Amazon | eBay! | Blair
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    Travel Now | Expedia | PriceLine
  • Stocks:
    Ameritrade | E-Trade
  • Autos:
    Edmunds | Blue Book | Ebay Motors
  • Computer Repair:
    GE Service Protection Software


  • Download Dialer
  • Add High Speed
  • The dialer is required for all windows users. High Speed is an optional add-on, please contact customer service for more information.