IM (MESSENGER)'s Internet service is fully compatible with your favorite instant messengers. Click on the program of your choice from the list below (you will be taken to that company's web site for download).

AIM - AOL's instant messenger is a great way to exchange Instant Messages with your friends, family and co-workers on the internet.

MSN Messenger - Microsofts version of instant messaging.

Yahoo! Messenger - Yahoo's version of instant messaging.

ICQ ("I Seek You") - Chat, send messages and files, exchange Web page addresses, play games, create your own homepage, and much more.

Trillian - Connects to all major chat networks, including AIM®, MSN®, ICQ®, Yahoo!®, and IRC! Unlike other multi-IM products, no accounts need to be registered to begin. Quick Links:

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  • Download Dialer
  • Add High Speed
  • The dialer is required for all windows users. High Speed is an optional add-on, please contact customer service for more information.