Manually Configuring Macintosh OS 9 for Dialup

Summary: How do I manually configure Macintosh OS 9 to dial to the internet?

This article will walk you through manually setting up your computer to connect to the internet using a Macintosh with OS 9.


NOTE: In order to configure your dial-up connection, please look up an access number in your area from our Access Number Search page. Make sure you have your dial-up username and password handy as well.

  1. Open the Assistants folder and double click on the Internet Setup Assistant icon.

  2. Click Yes.

  3. Since you already have an internet account, click Yes again.

  4. Click the right arrow.

  5. Type in a name for this dialup configuration. We recommend you type

  6. Click the right arrow.

  7. Select the modem you are using from the drop down list above. Ensure you have the correct port selected and tone is selected.

  8. Click the right arrow.

  9. Enter in your Local Call Access Number, your full username (including and your password in the spaces provided.

  10. Click the right arrow.

  11. Choose No, that we don't require PPP scripts.

  12. Click the right arrow.

  13. There is no IP Configuration so ensure No is selected.

  14. Click the right arrow.

  15. Enter in the DNS addresses as shown below. They should be:

  16. Enter the Domain Name as shown below.

  17. Click the right arrow.

  18. Enter in your email address and your password in the spaces provided.

  19. Click the right arrow.

  20. In both fields, type

  21. Click the right arrow.

  22. In the News address field, type in as shown below.

  23. Click the right arrow.

  24. Click Go Ahead.

  25. Congratulations. You are now finished. To connect later, you can either use the Remote Access section of the Control Strip, or you can use the Remote Access Control Panel.

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