Netscape 7 Mail - manually adding a new e-mail account.

Summary: Manually adding a new email account into Netscape 7 Mail.


How do I manually add a mail account into netscape 7.


  1. Open up Netscape Mail & Newsgroups.

  2. Click on Edit, and then Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings.

  3. Select the Add Account button near the bottom left of the pop up screen.

  4. Select Email account and push Next

  5. Type in your name and your email address. This will be the new email address that you are adding. To setup a new email account, please see our account management section. Click Next.

  6. Select POP and type in the incoming mail server of Click Next.

  7. Type in your username, this will be the same as your email address. Click Next.

  8. Type in the account name, this can be whatever you want. Typically the default field shown is fine. Click Next.

  9. Confirm the settings are similar to those shown below and click Finish

  10. Once you are done it will take you back to the original screen. The same one you initially clicked on add account. This time, click on Outgoing Server and confirm your settings are as shown below. This should be your main accounts username in the username field. Once you check it, click on Advanced.

  11. Make sure you have only one SMTP server listed, if you have multiples, remove the ones that are not associated with by highlighting them and clicking on delete. It should leave you with a screen that looks like our sample below. Click OK

You have now setup Netscape 7 Mail with a new email account. You should now be able to send and receive mail. The first time you receive and send , it will prompt you for a password, so be sure to keep that handy.

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