Before you begin

In order to configure your dial-up connection, please look up an access number in your area from our Access Number Search page. Make sure you have your dial-up username and password handy as well.

How to configure Dial-Up Networking to connect to

  1. Double-click the My Computer icon.

  2. Double-click the Dial-Up Networking folder.

  3. Double-click the Make New Connection icon.

  4. Delete the contents of the Type a name for the ..., and type a name for the connection (i.e.
  5. Click the Next button.

  6. In the Area code field, type the area code for your access number.
  7. In the Telephone number field, type your access number. A listing can be found on our Access Number Search page.


    • Check with your local telephone company to make sure that the access number you choose is a local toll-free call.
    • When you enter the access number, type it exactly as you would dial it from your home phone.
    • Do not include a 1 or the area code unless you have to dial it to make a local call from your home telephone.
    • If you are dialing from a hotel, office, or other phone system that requires you to dial a digit such as 9 to get an outside line, insert that number before the access number.
    • To disable call waiting while using the internet, insert the call waiting defeat code (usually *70) before the access number. Note: only insert this code if you have call waiting on the line you will connect with.

  8. Click the Next button.

  9. Click the Finish button.

  10. Click your connection icon. (Example:

  11. From the File menu, choose Create Shortcut.

  12. Click the Yes button.

  13. Right click your connection icon and select Properties.

  14. Uncheck the box next to Use area code and Dialing Properties.
  15. Click the OK button.

  16. Double-click your connection icon.

  17. In the Username field, type your entire Dialup Username (e.g.,
  18. In the Password field, type your password.

    Note: Remember, your password is case sensitive. (Make sure your CAPS LOCK button is off!)

  19. Check the box next to Save password if you would like your password saved.
  20. Click the Connect button.

  21. Congratulations! You have successfully set up an Internet connection to

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